What We Do and

Have Achieved

The League is a nonpartisan organization that conducts public forums on a wide array of issues of concern to the Arlington community. We also do policy advocacy on positions established through internal study and democratic consensus. We do not take positions on candidates or political parties.

View these videos to learn more about the League's history and our call to action.

We are the League of Women Voters    and    A Transformational Organization   

Our top priority for 2017-2018, as chosen at our Annual Membership Meeting, is increasing access to voting for Virginia's citizens. This is our top priority because all the other issues we care about -- from expanding health care, to reducing gun violence, to halting global climate change all start with citizens exercising their franchise and electing lawmakers who will champion these causes.

  • Watch the Green TV's video production of the League's 2017 Election County Candidates' forum here.
  • During the 2017 Election Voter Registration Campaign we registered a total of 82 voters at 33 different voter registration events. The efforts of 45 volunteers were critical to our efforts.
  • During the Summer 2017 we held voter Registrations at several condos, apartments, community events, and the State Department here in Arlington. We held Redistricting Committee meetings. We held an organizational meeting to plan High School Registrations with Inspire Virginian and APS.
  • May-June 2017 we offered Voter Registration opportunities at neighborhood festivities. 
  • On May 20, 2017 we held our Annual Meeting and Elections.
  • We had representatives attend the 38th Biennial State Convention Report.
  • On April 22, 2017 we held a "Meet and Greet" for new members.
  • On April 2, 2017 we hosted a presentation and discussion featuring our County Manager, Mark Schwartz, on how the new laws and executive orders will affect Arlington, its citizens, and those who work in Arlington.
  • We promoted and attended LWV-Falls Church's screening and discussion of the film "Pay2Play" in March.
  • In March we presented a Post--Legislative Roundtable with Arlington's State Delegates and State Senator.
  • Working with InspireVirginia in our February-March 2017 campaign, we helped register over 400 Virginia high school seniors.

What We've Achieved